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April Case of the Month



Chloe, a 12 year old female golden retriever presented to Stagecoach Pet Hospital for lethargy and appetite loss.  Chloe was in heat about 4 weeks prior to presentation.  On examination, Chloe had a high fever and very painful belly when touched. 


X-rays of the abdomen were performed.  The uterus was noted to be very enlarged and fluid filled.  This is abnormal.


Chloe was diagnosed with a pyometra.  This is a severe infection of the uterus.


Chloe was immediately prepared for emergency surgery.  An ovariohysterectomy was performed.  Chloe was hospitalized for several days on antibiotics and intravenous fluids.  She recovered well and was discharged home 2 days later.


Spaying your female dogs and cats is the way to prevent a pyometra.  We recommend doing this at 5-6 months of age.  Sadly, pyometra’s have a very high risk for death. 

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October Case of the Month


Brandy, a 6 year old female spayed Chihuahua presented to Stagecoach Pet Hospital for examination of several bruises on her belly.  Brandy is eating and drinking well. 



Brandy has a normal heartrate, respiratory rate, and body temperature. Several areas of bruising are noted on her abdomen. Brandy also has petechial (small red lesions) on her gumline in her mouth. 



Brandy had several blood tests performed.  The complete blood count showed that Brandy had a very low platelet count. 

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September Case of the Month

Shadow, a three year old male Cane Corso, presented to SPH for vomiting and diarrhea for the last 24 hours.  Shadow is up to date on vaccinations. 


Physical Exam:

Shadow’s vitals were all normal.  His abdomen palpated normally in all quadrants. 



Parvo test- negative

Abdominal X-rays showed no obvious obstructions.

Bloodwork- Elevated kidney enzymes, low Sodium, elevated Potassium



Hypoadrenocorticism ( Addison’s Disease)

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August Case of the Month

Trixie, a 4 year old spayed yorkie presented to Stagecoach Pet Hospital for diarrhea, lethargy, and decreased appetite.  No changes in food or treats.  Trixie does not go hiking or swimming.  She is up to date on vaccinations.

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