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November Case of the Month


Shadow, a 6 year old male neutered domestic shorthair cat presented to SPH for trouble swallowing.  Shadow is not acting himself and not eating normally. A new kitten was introduced into the home in the last 2 months. 


Physical Exam:

On exam, Shadow has a normal heart rate and respiratory rate.  Several oral ulcers were found on the back of the tongue.  No foreign objects were found in the mouth.  He had clear nasal discharge. 



Shadow was diagnosed with feline rhinotracheitis.  Feline upper respiratory infections are highly contagious.  The most common infectious agents are herpesvirus and calicivirus. 



Shadow was placed on i.v. fluids, pain medications, and antibiotics to treat secondary infections. He had a humidifier therapy performed and every 4 hours had all nasal and ocular secretions cleaned with a warm washcloth.  After 24 hours in the ICU, Shadow began to feel much better.  He was discharged home 48 hours later with pain medication and antibiotics.


Shadow is now home and doing great! Be sure to keep your feline pets up to date on their respiratory vaccines!



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