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October Case of the Month



Brandy, a 6 year old female spayed Chihuahua presented to Stagecoach Pet Hospital for examination of several bruises on her belly.  Brandy is eating and drinking well.  



Brandy has a normal heartrate, respiratory rate, and body temperature. Several areas of bruising are noted on her abdomen. Brandy also has petechial (small red lesions) on her gumline in her mouth.  



Brandy had several blood tests performed.  The complete blood count showed that Brandy had a very low platelet count.  



After ruling out several other conditions, Brandy was diagnosed with Immune mediated thrombocytopenia or IMTP.  


What is IMTP? 

Essentially, IMTP is when the body mistakes the platelets as invaders.  The platelets ( assist in the clotting of blood) are destroyed at a rapid rate.  


Brandy had an intravenous catheter placed and was begun on several medications to suppress the immune system and stop her body from destroying the very important platelets.  

After 5 days of treatment, Brandy’s platelet numbers finally improved and the bruising subsided.  


Brandy was discharged home and is on a therapeutic dose of two immunosuppressive medications to keep her healthy and stable.  


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